Universal Applicator

  • universal
  • parallel locking
  • inserts ready installed as chosen

Only 1 Applicator for:
FlexoPlus, FlexoTronic, FlexoPlusGeno, MultiFlex, PrimaFlex, Duo

Storagebox 192

  • for sample storage
  • automatic recording by PlateScan
  • capacity for 192 samples
    • height: 32 mm, width: 138 mm, length: 136 mm

Tubeplate 96

  • 96 well format according to SBS standard
  • compatible with laboratory equipment

Stacking Framework / Grate Plate

  • for efficient interim or final storage of samples in 96 well format


  • software for sample registration in TubePlate 96 or StorageBox using flat bed scanner
  • standardised data format

Capopener 96

  • for automatic opening of sample containers in 96 well format

Capopener Single

  • hand operated sample transfer for special purpose

Variants of Sample Container

  • white and yellow for 1st and 2nd sample with double identification
  • pink with high dose of dessiccant for long term storing