Universal Applicator

  • universal
  • parallel locking
  • inserts ready installed as chosen

Only 1 Applicator for:
FlexoPlus, FlexoTronic, FlexoPlusGeno, MultiFlex, PrimaFlex, Duo

Inserts for Universal Applicator

  • grey for FlexoPlus, FlexoTronic, FlexoPlusGeno and MultiFlex ear tags
  • black for PrimaFlex ear tags
  • green for Duo ear tags

Easy Mark

  • permanent marking of all CAISLEY ear tag systems

Fetlock Tie Eurofarm

  • hot stamped or blank
  • continuously adjustable
  • re-usable
  • writable with pencil Easy Mark

Neckband Label

  • reinforced hole edge
  • hot stamped or blank
  • height 81 mm, width 56 mm
  • 12 gram

Neckband Grip Numbers

  • 1-digit and 3-digit
  • inserted numeration
  • improved grip bridge

Numbered Crossbeam

  • 1-digit to 3-digit
  • hot stamped or blank
  • for neckband width up to 3.7 mm