Highest accuracy in the vertical range of manufacture
Continuous quality and permanent improvement
Wide range of products for all genres
Up to 250,000 ear tags per day
Modular manufacturing systems for high flexibility
Large-scale fabrication
From Bocholt to more than 100 countries worldwide

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of CAISLEY International GmbH

Data Protection:

CAISLEY International GmbH is subject to the conditions of the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz, BDSG). Therefore, the anonymity of the user during the visit of our web sites is protected. If your name, your address or other personal information are required in individual cases you will be informed before.
By visiting the web site CAISLEY International GmbH gets usage data which are recorded for backup intention and eventually for identification (e.g. IP address, date, time and visited sites).These data are evaluated by CAISLEY International GmbH to become acquainted with the user behavior and to calculate statistics. Thereby, the high safety standards of the German Teledienstedatenschutzgesetz (TDDSG) and the German Datenschutzverordnung für Telekommunikationsunternehmen (TDSV) are executed. No personal applications take place. Statistic reports of anonymised data records are reserved.
If data are handed over to service providers within the framework of order data processing these providers are articled to the BDSG, other legal rules and the Privacy Policy of CAISLEY International GmbH. As appropriated by law or by court order liable to disclose CAISLEY International GmbH will submit your data to authorities entitled to receive information.
For other purposes CAISLEY International GmbH will not hand over any information without your explicit agreement.

Right to Revoke:

If you demand CAISLEY International GmbH to use personal data not for further contacting or to delete them it will be proceeded in this way. Information that is mandatory for order transaction as well as for mercantile intention is excluded from cancellation or from deletion.
Please pay understanding that personalized services designed on use of customer’s data cannot be longer provided in case of revoking.


CAISLEY International GmbH doesn’t assume liability for web sites referenced by hyperlink. We distance us explicitly from all contents of linked web sites.
CAISLEY International GmbH doesn’t have any influence to these sites and doesn’t appropriate the content of these sites.


Cookies are textual information saved on the user’s computer. The user’s WWW browser is responsible where a cookie is saved. Cookies include information sending again to the server at next visit of the site. They can be read only by the same server filing them before. Worldwide and in Germany, many web sites use this technology to recognize visitors. Cookies are not able to infiltrate the user’s computer system and to damage it. Cookies at CAISLEY International GmbH content no personal information about you, only a number that has no relevance outside of the web sites of CAISLEY International GmbH. Using these cookies we are able to optimize the visitor’s user guidance and to analyse how visitors use our web sites. If you don’t want to use the advantages of cookies you can disable respectively enable cookies at your browser. In this case please configure your individual browser settings.

CAISLEY International GmbH uses cookies only in those cases when they are necessary for the user guidance, when the navigation of the web sites can be alleviated, or when an overall website analysis is planned, respectively. Information will not be transferred to third party.

Declaration of Content:

When you use our website you comply with the recording, the processing and the using of your data as described before.